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About us

CloudScientific Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in serving the life sciences community by providing integrated scientific software solutions. As a spin out of InforSense Ltd., which is a world market leader providing integrated intelligence informatics solutions for life sciences research and business, we inherit and expand a skillful consulting and technical team with a broad range of expertise and experience in key disciplines which include: biomarker discovery, drug discovery and development, to preclinical/ clinical stage. In addition, we offer the world’s leading software programs/solutions covering bioinformatics, cheminformatics, molecular modeling, computational chemistry, toxicology, pre-clinical/clinical PK/PD modeling/analysis and data managements. Our customers include pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agrochemical companies, as well as many academic institutes and government organizations.

For customers in China, we provide technical support to solve your question on real time basis. By cooperating with top research institutes and universities in China, we also offer training programs to ensure you get the maximum return in investment from these products and services. We are determined to serve you better by delivering unique, customized, objective and cost-effective scientific informatics solutions to the life science researchers, which aims to accelerate your research/development activities, reduce research costs, and make breakthrough in discoveries.

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